Hide-A-way Condominiums

Rules and Regulations




This handbook provides policies of Hideaway Condominiums. Each homeowner should become thoroughly familiar with this handbook as well as the Condominium Bylaws. The Bylaws contains information regarding ownership, elections, general rules, and other subjects not included in this handbook.  For a copy of the Bylaws, contact Management or a member of the Board of Directors of the association.

Adherence to the policies in this Handbook and in the Bylaws will insure the kind of community in which all residents enjoy living.  Notice: Handbook rules and regulations are binding unless they conflict with the Bylaws or Declaration of Condominium.

 NOTE:  This handbook & Bylaws are to remain in the condominium unit for review by the next resident/renter & Guest/visitors.


Police/Fire/ Water:                                       911

Medical Emergency:                                    911

 Management:                                             *Property Mgr:  Elizabeth Herd/Hecht Realty   

 Yacht Club:                                                  Keith Mashburn mash2345@gmail.com

 Police & Fire                                               911 is the first number to call.  If you have 
                                                                    an unlisted number or a very new number, call 
                                                                    704-735-8202 (to make certain that your number 
                                                                    displays).  This is the non-emergency 
                                                                    police/fire/medical number and will get you through to 
Communications Center.
When the 911 operator 
                                                                    answers, state:   "I live in the Hideaway Condominiums 
                                                                    in Denver, Lincoln County at the end of Graham road." 
                                                                    Please give current gate code to police.  State your 
                                                                    name, building /unit number and nature of the

 Pool:                                                            EMERGENCY Phone at poolside OUTGOING 

Water & Sewer:                                           East Lincoln County Water Department, 

Address:                                                      7674 Tree Farm Rd., Denver

Electric:                                                        Energy United 1-800-522-3793

Cable:                                                          Charter Communications:  800-472-2200
                                                                     Master Condo Charter Account# 8351-40-021-0130381

Animal Control:                                           704-736-4125

Denver Magistrates Office:                        704-742-7819

Accountant:                                               Tina M. Guffey, 704-732-4137 (mobile 980-241-0390)

NC Boat Registration:                               ONLINE call 919-707-0010 (Ginger)

NC Wildlife Commission:                         1-800-662-7137



Definition:    A condominium is a housing structure that is part of a bigger unit or building and the owner of the condo owns the interiors independently and the other services in the building/common area jointly with the other condo owners.  The condo is governed by legal statues.  The home owners association is responsible for day to day maintenance of the building and exteriors/common areas.  Basically, from the sheetrock inward is the responsibility of the condo owner.  Should an action in the condo interior cause damage to another’s condo (i.e. hot water heater leakage, air conditioner water leakage, toilet leakage, etc. damaging the neighbor’s unit; the owner has liability to restore the unit incurring the damage).  Therefore, individual insurance for each unit is imperative. 


Owners are responsible for the compliance with these rules by their guests or tenants.

The facilities of the condominiums are for the exclusive use of the Hideaway Homeowners Association members and lessees, and invited guests.  Association members and lessees are responsible for ensuring that their guests comply with all applicable rules involving the use of the common areas / facilities as well as maintaining decorum that does not inhibit the enjoyment of others.

These Rules and Regulations are approved as governing policies by the Board of Directors.  Questions or suggestions please refer in written and/or email form to the Property Manager.

Enforcement of Regulations

The Board of Directors has the power to enforce regulations governing the use of the Common Property and Condominium Units under:

N.C.G.S. '47C-3-102

N.C.G.S. '47C-3-107.1

G.S. 47C-3-116



1.  No automobile, moving van, utility or delivery truck shall be parked, driven across or onto lawn or walkways.  Should this occur, any resulting damage shall be the direct expense of the unit owner.

2.  All vehicles must be properly licensed and in working order; any that are without license will be moved at the unit owner’s expense off the premises upon notification of the board.

3.  Recreational vehicles, boats, boat trailers, trailers etc. may not park on the property unless approved by the Property Manager.  A lot for boat trailers is provided for authorized vehicle parking.

4.  One vehicle may be parked next to owner/ renter building.  All other vehicles are to be parked at the tennis court or space away from building.  No vehicle may take up two spaces except at tennis court or across from building. 

5.  Each vehicle must park between the white lines provided for that purpose. Taking care to, as much as possible, be in the middle of those lines.

6.  The loading zone is for 30-45 minutes duration, blocking is prohibited.

7.  A handicapped space is provided for “wheel chair accessibility” only.

8.  No vehicle may be on the lot being repaired or on “blocks”.

9.  Maximum speed is 5 MPH – speed bumps are in place to prevent excess.

10. Gate – addressed separately.

11. Parking any small craft/trailers/recreational vehicles in the fields for over  days is prohibited.  Unauthorized equipment/vehicles will be removed at the owner’s expense.

12. MOTORCYCLE PARKING – special parking permitted – ask Property Manager


No animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept on any part of the property except that dogs, cats may be kept by unit owners in their respective units provided that they are not kept, bred, or maintained for any commercial purposes, that they meet the requirements of these Rules and Regulations, and do not endanger the health of, or, in the sole discretion of the Board of Directors, unreasonably disturb the owner of any unit or any occupant thereof.  Pets must be controlled so as not to disturb other residents or create a nuisance.  Visiting pets are subject to the same Rules and Regulations.

1.  Pets must be accompanied by the owner on a leash at all times.  There are two areas approved by the Board of Directors where the pets may be taken off leash (as long as there are no altercations) ~ the front fields to the left and right side of Regatta Lane.   Pets may swim in the approved swim area. Leashes must be attached when pets move away from those areas.  Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. . Refrain from allowing pets to use the condo area (just at the bottom of the steps) as their place to go to the bathroom. If an accident does occur, clean up refuse and use a water hose to flush area.

2.  No more than two (2) household pets may be housed in a unit. 

3.  Nuisance from pets reported will result in communication from the Board of Directors. Lincoln County Animal Control will be contacted for repeat offenders.   Their fines are $50-1st offense, $100-2nd offense, and $150-3rd offense. 

4.  Only Hideaway Condo owners may have pets. Renters are not allowed to have pets.

Personal condo unit:

1.  Gas grilling is permitted, no ‘food smokers, ‘open flames or charcoal grilling is strictly prohibited. 

2.  Each homeowner must have a working fire extinguisher by the grill plus recommended inside (plus smoke detectors for their units).

3.  Uniform window coverings must be in place within 30-days of occupancy.  Window coverings/treatments must be almond or white colored facing the roadside or lakeside.

4.  Housekeeping chores resulting in noise– vacuuming 8AM-11PM permitted.

5.  Restrict loud TV/Stereo/Music – not to inhibit the enjoyment of neighbors.

6.  Light bulbs – in the stairwells and back decks provided by Hideaway. Report burned out light bulbs to the Property Manager for replacement.

7.  Fixed Light fixtures – roadside/lakeside – uniformity observed – no variations.

8.  No Jacuzzis or temporary water items holding 20 gals+ permitted on decks.

9.  Third floor “false staircases” & ladders must be in hidden position except occasional access to the attic area.

10.  TV/Stereo mounted to the deck/porch prohibited.

11. Fireplaces – addressed in a separate section.

12. Towels/bathing suits/signs/unsightly clutter of an objectionable nature are not for public display on decks. 

13. Wind chimes of a subdued nature are acceptable

14. Bird Feeders are prohibited.  Humming Bird feeders are ok.  Beaware that potted Plants can attract Birds during nesting season.

15. Replacement windows, doors MUST be identical to those in appearance to the original units for appearance uniformity.  Unauthorized installation of incongruent items could result in a letter requiring removal at the owner’s expense.

16. No real estate signs visible from the lakeside – information on listings to be posted inside the frame provided at the front gate.

17. All Changes made structurally to the interior walls must be approved by the Board of Directors or Architectural Committee prior to any work progressing.  Any change to plumbing, wiring or structural wall changes become the responsibility of the unit owner and the association is not liable for any damage and/or future damage caused by these changes.  When the Board approves changes, approval will be recorded by the Association for future reference and for the new owners to refer when ownership changes.  Any changes made prior to 2012 are grandfathered in.  

18. A key to the unit is required to be given to the Property Manager for emergency access.

19. Gas cans kept in or around a unit is premises strictly prohibited. Gas can storage is provided by middle dumpster.

20. Satiation:  the Condos use a $40,000 grinder system to move sanitation waste to the Lincoln County sewer system.  ONLY toilet paper may be flushed.   If you have guest or are a renter please be aware of this to prevent replacement of a grinder system.

21. Quiet Hours:  Condos observe quiet hours from 11:00 PM until 8:00 AM.  If you are disturbed by others, please advise a Board Member by email, so that a written warning notice can be sent to the Condo Owner.

Common Area: (other than Pool & Yacht Club areas):

1.  Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles prohibited on sidewalks, tennis court, Marina, walkways or docks. 

2.  Grounds – outdoor chairs/equipment/coolers/games may be set up but out of courtesy for others – 11PM is curfew and removal required.

3.  Gas cans may not be kept under the stairs – storage behind middle dumpster.

4.  Fire pit may be used on beach area.    




The condo fireplaces are Model #MBUC-36.  (Lower-cost builder’s model not designed for large amounts of heat.)  For the safety of all, please build ONLY small fires.  Firewood stacked under the stairways or anywhere on a deck or common area is prohibited. Firewood‘s direct contact with the floor or walls is prohibited.


 The fireplace is gas-log “rated.”  Gas log units are to be professionally installed and must comply:

Propane fuel only with the fuel tank kept outside in open air  (not in a closet)

  1. All connections must be solid pipe.
  2. There must be a safety regulator and shut off valve.
  3. At the point where the pipe goes into the fireplace, the hole must be sealed with fire resistant bond so that no fumes can escape into the walls.
  4. All work on your fireplace must be completed by a licensed contractor.
  5. Chimney inspections shall be done at the Board of Directors discretion. 

SPECIAL NOTE:  Any unit experiencing a chimney fire MUST have a camera inspection performed on their chimney in addition to a visual inspection and cleaning at unit owner’s expense before fireplace use.

 **Condos with wood fires burning more than 2 times a week must have inspection & cleaning by a licensed contractor.




The swimming pool is opened May 1st until October 1st. NO LIFEGUARD is on duty.  SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK AND PLEASE BE SURE TO EXERCISE CAUTION AND SAFETY AT ALL TIMES.

The following “Pool Rules” are for the benefit of all residence and guests of Hideaway Condominiums.  Please read them carefully.  Your compliance with the rules will be an important factor in assuring the safety and enjoyment of the pool by all.

 Strict compliance with the pool rules will be enforced.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to deny pool privileges to repeat / willful violators. Any owner/resident found in violation of any rules will be formally notified 1st in writing with the 2nd offense being a loss of pool privileges.  Two adults may approach any person(s) not heeding rules of the pool and request that those offenses cease.  If this is not effective, the Property Manager will become involved.



1. Children under 14 must be supervised at all times in pool area - parent or legally liable guardian of record.  SUPERVISION MUST BE DONE INSIDE THE FENCED AREA OF THE POOL  

  No smoking is permitted inside the fenced area of the pool.

3.  Running, ‘flipping’, diving, shoving, dunking or any ‘horseplay’ is not permitted.

4.  Frisbees, pool toys are prohibited during crowded pool times. All pool paraphernalia must be removed before leaving pool area.

5.  Loud, boisterous behavior, music and inappropriate language or any inappropriate behavior is not permitted.

6.  Proper bathing attire is required: cutoffs, topless/bottomless not permitted.

7.  Babies may be in the pool but must have specifically designated ‘swimming diapers’

8.  Pets are strictly prohibited in the pool/fenced area of the pool.

9.  Any refuse must be taken from the pool area for disposal.

10. Radios must be kept at a reasonable volume so as not to disturb others.

11. Owner/resident must accompany and remain in the pool area with their guest(s) at all times and is totally responsible for their guest(s) actions.

12. Grills within the pool area are not permitted.

Private Pool/ Grill Area Parties:

Private Parties are encouraged, 2 weeks posted notice required.  Residents may still frequent the pool/grill areas; however, common courtesy rules. Parties of over 10 persons and/or company parties must obtain Board approval before scheduling.  Additionally, parties on exact days of holiday i.e. Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day must have Board approval.

Please note, owners/residents are totally responsible for guest(s) actions.

Adherence to the rules by all is required.

Guests at the condo: (non-owner)

All guests must have access to a condo unit. There are two (2) types of guest classification.  

  1. Guest visiting a resident at the condo.
  2. Guest using the condo when the resident (owner or renter) is absent – I.e. the owner loans out their condo to a friend.

 Rules for Guest 1 above:

  1. Type 1 guest has access to all the grounds, pool and tennis courts, etc.
  2. Guest using the pool; however, must be accompanied by a condo resident, owner or a renter.  Guest is not allowed access to the pool without such escort.  This is for safety reasons and to make certain that all pool rules are followed.
  3. The condo owner is held responsible to see that all residents of their condo are familiar with the rules and regulations and should rules not be adhered to by all users.

Rules for Guest 2 above (this includes renters)

  1.  This guest must be an overnight guest and have access to the unit. (One day visits “in and out” do not qualify).
  2. This guest has access to all facilities as an owner does. 
  3. They have a guest but their guest is classified as type 1 Guest above and above rules for that Guest 1 shall apply.

Owners are defined as holder of a deed on the Hide-a-way Condo unit, their spouse and immediate children (living with them or adult children living elsewhere).  Other relatives are considered “Guest.”




 All garbage is to be placed in the dumpsters provided by the Association.

1.  Dumpsters provided for “normal household garbage.”  

2.  Larger than normal household garbage will result in cost to unit owner.

3.  ALL garbage must be bagged in plastic except small boxes.

4.  Trash must be inside the receptacle. Garbage/trash left outside the dumpsters WILL NOT be picked up.  Boxes and cartons MUST BE BROKEN DOWN & again not to excess by any resident.

5.      New Trash Pick-up Schedule:

                                    Oct 1 – April 30 – once a week on Tuesdays

                                     May 1 – Sept 31 – twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays

FOR LARGE TRASH ARTICLES:    Use - TRASH CONVENIENCE CENTERS are located on Optimist Club or Webb Road.




Each homeowner is assessed monthly dues which cover: outdoor lighting, insurance, lawn care, swimming pool maintenance/operation, minor exterior repairs, basic cable TV, management fees, accounting fees and general maintenance.  The dues are due and payable on the first of each month.  A check made out to Hideaway Condominium Association should be mailed to:

                                     Hideaway Condominium Association PO Box 982  Denver NC 28037

Each homeowner is provided with coupons.  Include your unit number /your name on coupon to assure accurate posting.

 A $20.00 Late Fee will be assessed for dues received after the 10th day of the month. Continued delay will result in a lien and/or foreclosure on the condominium unit.

 A $35.00 Late Fee per month will be assessed for unpaid monthly dues each month.

 A $25.00 Insufficient Funds Fee assessed for checks returned by the bank.

Any homeowners six (6) months behind in monthly dues and\or Special Assessment (without special exception by the Board of Directors) will be transferred to Hideaway’s Attorney for resolution.  ALL cost for said resolution will be the direct financial responsibility of the Homeowner and may result in a lien on the condo in question for full remuneration.




 Financial Statements are available upon homeowner’s written request from any homeowner to the Property Manager.  Said statements are also presented semi-annually at the Association meetings.




1.    All owners must use the approved residential rental contract provided by the property

Manager and register renters name, telephone number, vehicle information and all occupants by name/relationship.

2.     Pets prohibited for lease holders.

3.     All leases are for a one-year plus term.

4.     Lessees must abide by the Declaration of Condominiums, the Bylaws, and the Handbook for Homeowners.  A lessee who does not abide by these rules and regulations shall result in the unit owner notified that the lease must be terminated within thirty (30) days.

5.     Automobiles for the rental unit are governed by the same rules as the owner – 1 auto parked close to the unit; the other at a distance.

6.     Rental unit occupancy: only the name(s) appearing on the rental agreement; further, compliance required with NC fire code number of persons to occupy. 

7.    Lessees may have guests for a maximum of two (2) weeks without Board of Directors approval.

8.    Lessees are required to sign off as receiving the Rules & Regulations. 




General maintenance and repair work are performed by the direction of the Board of Directors.  Please contact the Property Manager with written requests.

General maintenance work shall be done on a schedule of Monday-Friday - 8am to 6pm or upon prior approval of Property Manager.

 The following recommended contractors are listed for your convenience for interior unit work.  Additional suggestions/recommendations welcomed:

                Heating/Air Conditioning                     Plumbing

                    Ken Hardeson                                          Tommy Sawyer

                    828-428-4501 or 980-429-0303 cell        704-483-2169 or  704-902-5264 cell            

                     Henson Comfort Systems

                    Eric Henson


                     Electrical                                                 Handyman/Electrical

                    Robert Douithot                                      Jeremy Jackson

                    704-740-5645                                          980-241-9200

                     Boater Plus – Bob and Bonnie (upholstery and boat repair) 704-489-1442

                    Lift Repair:  Ron Binder – 828-310-7264

                    Boat Repair:  David on site 704-483-4636                                                                    




The Homeowners Association maintains a fire and casualty insurance policy that covers all common areas and the Yacht Club.  Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 47C-3-113, the Association is required to insure each individual unit to the extent coverage is reasonably available. The Association provides unit coverage as required, but it should be noted that the policy does not include coverage for improvements and betterments installed by unit owners.

POLICY:                       The insurance policy is with InSouth Insurance.
AGENT:                       The agent for the complex is:     Steve Smith PO Box 3206,
Huntersville, NC 28070
steve@insouthins.com  1
-704-948-7730 office.
CLAIM:                        Incident: notify Property Manager immediately before making any cange/repair.


Locations                                Building Limits                      

2135 Regatta Lane                  $2,300,000                            

2129 Regatta Lane                  $2,000,000                            

2121 Regatta Lane                  $2,000,000

Outdoor Pool Property            $      15,000 

Regatta Lane (Boat Docks)     $    350,000

Pool Building                           $      30,000

Features:                                 $       5,000 deductible

Homeowners Insurance:  It is recommended that each homeowner purchase an HO-6 (Condominium) policy to provide coverage for furniture, furnishings, and personal property. The policy should also include coverage for owner-installed improvements and betterments. Further recommended that each owner carry $300,000 liability which can be included in the HO-6 policy or where applicable extended from the owner’s primary   residence policy.

Tenant Insurance:  It is recommended that each tenant purchase a renters insurance policy to cover loss of furniture, furnishings, and personal property and should include $300,000 liability.




Prolonged outside temperatures below 20 degrees can result in frozen water pipes.  Precautions can be taken by the Homeowner/Tenant to prevent:

                     1.     Maintaining the heat at 55 degrees or higher in your unit. PLEASE DO NOT TURN HEAT TOTALLY OFF:   Insurance policies will not cover damage from frozen water pipes if the heat is off.  Damage caused to the unit below yours due to frozen water pipes flooding could be your liability.

                    2.     Running water in all inside faucet occasionally will prevent standing water  from freezing.

                    3.     Informing neighbor/Property Manager/Board of Directors that you will be out of town during the cold months plus leaving a key with neighbors to periodically check your unit.

                    4.     If unit will be vacant, turn water supply entering unit to “off”.  Cut-off will be found in the hot water heater closet.  Be certain to also turn electric water heater “off” at fuse box. Drain pipes by opening all faucets.

                    5.     Outside water lines are shut off, locked, and drained by Management on or before December 1st.

                    6.  Notify Property Manager if there is suspicion of frozen water pipe issues.




 Please refer to page 1 regarding the definition of condominium – owner responsibility versus HOA common area responsibility

Any interior damage to the interior of an owner’s unit which is to be claimed under the Association Insurance must be reported, examined by the Property Manager and Board President, pictures made before any remedial work is commenced.  IF any changes have been made to the unit before these steps are completed, the unit owner understands that financial remuneration from the Association Insurance is null and void.  The initial inspection must be as the property owner found the unit, without exception.




The cleaning of the balconies/patios and the inside and outside of the windows facing the balconies/patios is the responsibility of the unit owner.  ALL windows, doors, locks, latches in the unit are the owner’s responsibility.

Whenever an item a homeowner is obligated to maintain, repair or replace, including but not limited to the water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, sinks, toilets, showers and/or air handler, causes damage to his unit, another unit, or the common area, that homeowner is responsible for the cost of all such repairs. If it becomes necessary for the Association’s insurance to cover such repairs, that owner shall be required to reimburse the Association up to the deductible amount.

Changing and /or cleaning of the filters in the air-handling condenser shall be the responsibility of the unit owner/tenant, and should be done on a semi-annual basis. Access to this filter is in the heat pump closet. 

Annually a licensed heating & Air Contractor shall inspect the individual Air-Conditioning unit.  Any leaks from the Air-Conditioning condensation unit will not be covered by the Hideaway Homeowners Insurance policy if damage occurs from this type of leak.  Inspections are a matter of preventative maintenance.




1.  No exterior alterations are allowed without written permission from the Board of Directors. No attachments, awnings or enclosures of any type are allowed without written permission.  Any unapproved alterations which do not conform to the uniform appearance will be removed at the expense of the owner.

2.     No radio aerial, television antenna or other radio installations shall be installed on the exterior of the building without the prior written consent of the Board.

3.     No unit owner, his employees, agents, tenants, or guests shall mark, paint, drill or in any way deface any common area walls, shrubbery, or ground.

No repairman, owner, tenant, guest nor any other person shall be allowed onto the roof of any building without permission from the Management.  Anyone entering the roof area without such permission shall be held liable for any damage to the roof system resulting therefrom, and shall enter this area at his/her own risk.  Alteration of decks or porches IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.




1.  No shrubbery or trees shall be moved, removed, sold, given away, added to or enhanced without the permission of the Board of Directors – nor shall any enclosures be constructed.  

2.  The sidewalks, entrances, under stairwells shall be kept free of any rubbish, bicycles, and/or other items.  The area is to be kept clear of any items that would be deemed “storage”.

3.  Should a unit owner have an exterior blind, it must be rolled up at sunset to maintain uniformity of outer appearance.




Damage to a vehicle, that is determined to be a mechanical malfunction of the Security Gate, will be the responsibility to the Hideaway Homeowners Association.

Any person who damages, or in any way causes the disruption of normal operation of the Security gate will be solely responsible and liable for all repairs or replacement

Only one vehicle at a time is allowed through the gate.

Each Homeowner that does not wish to operate gate by a remote will have to open the gate by manually entering the gate code.

Visitors - Gate Operating Instructions:






 If you wish to have your name and code number displayed by gate keypad, please make sure you supply your local phone number and last name to the Property Manager.  (It is optional to have your name displayed.) 

Each Homeowner will have the ability to permanently buy remote controlled Security Gate openers (Maximum of two).

Remote:  $50 each; see Property Manager to obtain.

Below is a sample letter that will be sent to Condo Owners as a warning when Handbook Rules are violated:

Dear Hide-a-Way Condo Unit owner,

This letter is from the Hide-a-Way Association Board and is addressed to the unit owner of the unit that we find is in violation of the following rule(s).

Condo rules are in place to allow all the residents at the Hide-a-Way Condos to have a safe environment, clean conditions, and attractive area to enjoy.

Rule violation:

( insert reason for the letter.)

Will you please see that all persons that use or occupy your unit adhere to the Rules that are published and should be in every condo unit for occupants to read. If you are without a copy please return a email requesting a copy and a copy of the rules will be sent back by email for you to print and place in your unit.

Continued violation will require the Board to take further action.  If you have any questions concerning why this letter was sent please respond back by email and a Board member will contact you.  If you are renting your unit or have guest using it, you are still responsible for their actions.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Hide-a-Way Board of Directors.






Homeowner signature is required for documentation of receipt and review in agreement of the Hideaway Condominiums Rules and Regulations Handbook.


After reading the information contained herein, please complete the section below, print the entire page and return to the Board of Directors at Hideaway Condominiums, PO Box 982 Denver, NC 28037.  If you have any questions, or would like more information regarding the Handbook or any rules please feel free to contact a Board Member.





I have read and reviewed the Hideaway Condominiums Handbook for Homeowners and understand the contents of this document and agree to abide by them:




SIGNED IN AGREEMENT:  _____________________________________________


Date:  ____________________________________________________________







Hideaway Board of Directors